Radio Book Watch - Vamps and other NPR goodies

Whoa, how did I miss this?

NPR vamped it up last month with an interesting vampire related story to tie into a recent released book and some great vamp related discussions. I also found some other stories that ranged from weird to surprisingly socially conscious. The socially conscious story recognizes a very quiet yet ongoing situation that BW still face today. Check out some snippets and links to the radio page if you'd like to pass some listening time while you're at your computer working.

Another few to add to the ole TBR pile!

New Book Sinks Teeth into Vampire Tales
In his new book, The Dead Travel Fast: Stalking Vampires from Nosferatu to Count Chocula, author Eric Nuzum immerses himself in the unconventional world of the "undead."

He recounts his travels across Transylvania, and explains what it's like to spend hours in a coffin and — anything for research — drink your own blood.

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Chronicling Black Complexion Wars
"Good" versus "nappy" hair ... "red boned" versus dark skin. For decades, black women have had their looks broken down into categories — and had their feelings hurt, in the process.

The new book, Other People's Skin, explores how black women look at themselves and other black women around them.

Elizabeth Atkins and TaRessa Stovall both contributed to the book, which Stovall also co-edited.

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