New review and update on the Cimmerian City contest woo hoo!

Quick update on the contest!

I've been receiving some great feedback and entries on the contest and I'd hate to have people walk away with empty hands. Soooo anyone who enters the contest will be receiving Cimmerian City postcards and/or bookmarks as a big ole thank you for participating!

In other news, Kimberly Swan over at Darque Reviews has reviewed Cimmerian City woo hoo!

A snippet: Cimmerian City is the first book in the Cimmerian series. Raven Blackheart is strong and sassy, she’s a survivor. Ms. Lindley pens a fast-paced and creative tale that brings readers up to speed on the unexpected changes found in her 2010. Filled with action, adventure and the possibility of future romance, this is a great start to a new and intriguing series. Readers will be eagerly awaiting the second installment.

Check out the awesome review here!

I'm currently working on a mock cover for my work-in-progress Arya and I'll probably post that later on tonight or tomorrow depending on when I finish it. Once I type of everything I wrote last night and this morning I'll post my progress sheet for the beginning of this week. I hope to finish it this month so I can set it aside and then ship it off to the anthology pub. We shall see!