Let the writing begin!

Ooh! Snarkerati has posted the top 70 Vampire Movies of All Time. Check out the list for some favorites and for some ones you may want to stay far, far away from. Just in cast you missed it, be sure to check out the Top 50 Dystopian Movies of All Time cause that list is awesome.

I've decided to modify NaNo a bit this year (being my first year no less). I'm on a personal deadline and I probably won't be able to get to CG until I finish my current WIP novella Arya. I'm trying to get to 20-30k by the end of the month so I can submit it before the deadline to one of my fave pubs. I think I'm going to use that one instead and see if I feel like working on CG after that. I don't want to juggle too much or else I lose track of the world that I've built. I'll probably post a little bit more about Arya once I get the meat of the story down.

I also have to edit my high fantasy fae lore story before submitting that to one of my other fave pubs (and editors ;-)).

In any event I will post my progress here:

Week 1 for Arya

Week 1 for CG