I'm number 72!!!!

Okay so I wandered over to my home away from home, Amazon.com, and there was this whole new promo about the Kindle. If you haven't heard, it's Amazon's new e-reader. Many books are now available in Kindle and since Cimmerian City was made available at MobiPocket, I imagine it was made available in the Kindle ebook version.

Anyway, I scrolled down the Cimmerian City Kindle product page and found out that it's #72 in the popular Dark Fantasy category! Yay! Thanks to everyone who's checking out the book and I hope you're enjoying it!

Also, Mandy from Rogues and Romances has just given Cimmerian City a wonderful review.

Cimmerian City is the first book in a series that is sure to become a fast favorite for readers. Rae Lindley has a real talent for immersing the reader in the story, revealing plenty to let you in on secrets even our heroine doesn’t know yet, but just enough to keep you guessing. The author creates a dark and fascinating setting, a perfect backdrop for the conspiracy and mystery of the story. Raven is a complex character fighting to understand herself as well as this new world around her, and the perfect heroine to act as a beacon of hope for a bleak world. Rae Lindley hits the mark with Cimmerian City, a story full of suspense, action, and the stirrings of a romance that I can’t wait to see develop later in the series.

Check out the full review here!


Tia Nevitt said...

It's going up! Your number 69 now!!

Rae Lori said...

Ooh sweet! Yay!

GeminiWisdom said...

I just wanted to say congrats on being 72 and hello to another fellow Arizonana. I saw your interview on Hot Sheet newsletter.


Rae Lori said...

Thanks for the congrats and for dropping by, Celise! :-D