Forever My Knight

Gah! It's already Friday and I realize I haven't blogged all week. I've been swamped with watching Forever Knight on Dvd and finishing up Ariya which, I am happy to report, is done as far as the first draft.

Grand total word count?

21,227 words out of my goal of 25,000. I'm kind of bummed I didn't quite make it but maybe it'll get pumped up in the rewrites and edits. I did however make the least amount that is needed for the anthology so that's a "whew" there! :-)

Watching Forever Knight brought back some memories and realizations as I sat through the first season. I'm trying not to watch it all at once to stretch out the fun times (cause I still don't have Season 2 yet) and I gotta say, this show is making me miss all the good writing on television.

I'm also noticing some young faces before they got their start in the current popular shows on today. Of the ones I can spot there's Stargate Atlantis's Rachel Luttrell as a tech savvy police officer, fellow (former) Atlantean actress Tori Higginson as a vampire with a love of theater and Blood Ties star Christina Cox as Joan of Arc. Pretty cool seeing them 'Before They Were Stars'. I also got a chance to really compare my fresh memory of Nick (FK) with Mick (Moonlight) and the result is: there is no comparison. Gerant Wyn Davies as Nick is charismatic, funny, oh so very cute and HOTTTT. Alex O'Loughlin's Mick is...okay.

The strange thing is I started warming up to Moonlight in the past episodes. I thought the teenage vampire episode was going to be mucho lame but I liked that one, especially the end fight scene with the music and all that jazz. Very nice. I was looking forward to the vampire blood as a drug episode but it didn't live up to my expectations. I think I got excited way too soon. I notice this show tends to introduce folks only to kill them off at the end and yet they make it so obvious. With FK there was mystery, you were glued to the screen to see what happens with the characters and how the mystery is solved throughout the show. Plus I love the interaction between Nick and Schanke and the lovey dovey tension between Natalie and Nick. Le sigh.

On that note, I'm hoping Beth and Mick don't get together because they seem to work best on a buddy note rather than all lovey dovey. Plus the dude saved her when she was a little girl and had been watching her since then...somehow that didn't come off as romantic to me as the writers had planned. But I guess in the end we'll see what happens in connection with the strike and all that jazz.

Anywho, it's one more day until the Cimmerian City Grab Contest closes folks so get those entries in. I'm starting to receive the books I ordered sometime ago and I'm lining them up for devouring later. One of which is Lynda Hilburn's The Vampire Shrink which just came in the mail today. I must say this is a beautiful book regarding the cover design, package and production. Medallion Press did an awesome job on this! I'm hearing some wonderful things from readers and reviewers about Cimmerian City and I just can't wait to get the second book out. I'm rather in between projects right now since I just finished one and I'm letting it sit for a while so I can distance myself from it. I think my next project will be a novel. I'm just not sure which one though. Hmm.

Meanwhile, this should keep me busy for a while:


Don't mind Joey the doll, he just likes to put his nose into my books once and while cause he can't much else other than read, ya know?

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