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Carole McDonnell's Dark Parables featured me this week with a great collection of my links and interviews.

Great New Books That Are A Must Read is currently featuring Cimmerian City this week!

Also, check out Tia's blurb of Cimmerian City over at Fantasy Debuts thanks to Carole's awesome recommendation (Thanks Carole! :-))

And just in case you missed it, Moondancer Drake's spotlight with my interview is still available for your viewing pleasure. Leave a comment and show some love if you like what you see on any of these pages!

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More goodies are in the works as far as interviews and more reviews which I will post here.

In the meantime check out this new review from Pam Osbey at Literary Pizzazz!

Raven Blackheart is raging mad. She lost the love of her life, and wakes ten years later...up to a brand new world filled with Dracins and human beings at war. And with her fiery spirit, she is placed in the middle of the war, being manipulated by the Tech Corporation and others who want to see war continue, but not until the truth of her power and her familial history is known. This sci-fi novel should be adapted by someone into a screenplay because the writing is so fresh and so intriguing that you will definitely want to know more about Raven, Russell, and Enos. What will happen with these three when Cimmerian World comes about.

The book: Cimmerian City by Rae Lindley.
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Five Stars from Literary Pizzazz!