Aaand it's Friday again!

I thought it was just Friday a minute ago but it's a new Friday here again!

A lot has been going on in writing land for me this week. I finished my novella Ariya: A Kiss of Ashen Twilight. The novella clocks in at 22,150 words. I also started the full novel that takes place after Ariya. I'm aiming for a 90k novel because it encompasses some back story and centers around 3 main characters from Ariya.

I also got a full manuscript requested. Yay! I'm hoping it pans out well since I heart the pub company and readers have been asking me about book (and I've been waiting to create the webpage for it :-)).

Oh! And I received a great review for Cimmerian City from APOO Book Club. Check it out on my amazon page.

I've also started reworking one of my recent fantasy stories at the request of an editor friend. Looking back at the story I'm starting to get lots of ideas on how to beef it up character and plot wise as I focus more on what they want and how they try to get it rather than what's happening to and around them. If that makes any sense.

P.S. This is hilarious.

In other news, you may have heard of the WGA strike which makes many shows in danger of cancellation and/or inevitable delays. I read that most shows have scripts piled up so they can go into production. The problem will occur later on down the line when you get to like episode 6 and there's a cliffhanger that will take years to solve (if talks have commenced by then). So we may be seeing a flurry of remakes from the Keanu Reeves/Jennifer Connolly vehicle The Day the Earth Stood Still (I kid you not) and Glenn Close's Sunset Blvd. Is nothing sacred in Hollywood anymore? I'd rather break out my dvds of the original recipe versions rather than watch knockoffs. Ugh.

Check out the status of your favorite shows here to see how they will be affected by the strike. Thanks to Watchers Watch!