Yay suspense!

I gotta say I was pretty entertained last night through about 65% of Moonlight. The opening scene was awesome and kept my interest away from my fingernails this time and I wanted to see how Nick Knight...er, Mick St. John got out of this situation. If we can just have Mick and the snarky vampire business dude in a room trading quips and musing about how to take over the world (a la Deacon Frost), I would so look forward to that every week. Especially since that Van Helsing bit garnered a snicker for me (which was more than I can say for the pilot).

Hey! There's Larkin from Invasion...sigh I miss that show. Another sci-fi goodie that never got to finish out its run when it was getting good.

Oh hey! And there's the father from 227. Loved that show, too. They so need a reunion cause I'd so watch that especially for Regina King.

Love Kevin Wisemen from Alias, too. I was expecting him to go off on some ramble about the newest techie gadget they received, but alas we had to go back to Sophia Myles's character. Loved to hate her as Erica in Underworld, but here she's drier than chipped paint. Every scene she wasn't in, I found myself more involved with what was happening onscreen. I wasn't completely on the edge of my seat but I was mildly curious and found myself liking the big bad baldie dude cause he actually gave some life to his character.

I'm a sucker for noir mysteries and I guess what's holding me to this show is the style I hadn't seen in a long time on tv. Well, the style they're at least trying show. Mick is still dry as a vampire. Dude needs edge!

I must admit, though. He was kinda sexy in the obligatory red-light-special-vampire-orgasm-feeding-indulgence scene with Supermodel A (Code Name Red) and Supermodel B (Code Name White) disbursed between him and Josef. But again, sexy can only go but so far.

Like last week, the last 6 minutes of the show was the best part of the show where we finally got some action. I'm glad they didn't stretch out the whole "oooh! he's a vampire and can't tell the blondie reporter chick!" secret for too long because suspension of disbelief can only go but so far. Like in the car scene where they're driving against a video screen of a street rushing by. I get the whole old movie vibe in the scene (or maybe they just ran out of money in the budget) but at least put a fan behind the folks so it LOOKS like their hair is blowing in the wind! But I digress.

The main thing I would change is cut to the credits after she asks "What are you?" That would've been more believable than him straight out saying "I'm a vampire" like he just found out himself. Which is asinine in itself because dude is sitting there with a blood pack, a bloody mouth, bright blue glow eyes and fangs. He's an elf with a blood deficiency syndrome - what do you think he is?! Oy. Just last week in the pilot she was chasing a story with vampire style murders so you think homegirl would put two and two together.

Nevertheless I'm going to tune in cause I'm a sucker (ah, ha!) for vampires and noir style. Maybe if they went a little Hellsing on the show (with an awesome smooth rock string guitar theme and all) to add an entire distinct world for the vampires, it'd add more edge but all the elements I can think of to amp it up and make it more interesting just makes me miss FK even more.

I never really saw Angel and I saw part of Buffy when it premiered but I love the Buffy movie (don't shoot) but I hear David G and company borrowed some elements from FK. Interesting.