Woo hoo!!! Finished!


After starting to heavily write Before Dawn Breaks in July of this year after changing the story and genre a bunch of times (my main MC was a wizard once...I kid you not) working from a previous screenplay idea I had, I can put it aside and say it is finished! Whew! I feel like I've gone on the adventure with my MCs. :-D

Just in case you're wondering, Before Dawn Breaks is a romantic suspense thriller about two people trying to escape dark pasts: an amnesiac former assassin turned writer (ugh another writer!) and a former secret service agent turned restaurateur who isn't exactly who he appears to be. The past comes back to haunt as a hit is taken out on both of them. Sometimes it’s deadly to face the future without resolving the past. (dun, dun, duuuun...) Sparks fly, car chases ensue and a good time is had by all.

But me...I'm just jazzed it's done!

Now I'm going to go reward myself by diving into the pile of books gathering on my nightstand (or file folders, depending on the format of said books). :-D


Rick Bylina said...

Congrats on finishing. It is a great feeling...now on to rewrites? Editing? Beta readers? Aromatic mud baths?

NANOWRIMO awaits for me in November. Time to get all the nagging little chores of life swept aside before the big push.

How you can handle the desert is beyond me. Drove to Phoenix in July and unloaded a nephew's truck in 112+ degrees. Ain't for me.

Write on!


Rae Lori said...

Thanks Rick! I'm putting that sucker aside for a while cause I think I'm sick of it. Gah!

Ooh yes, tis almost November isn't it? I was pondering finally pushing aside my fear and entering...but I'm still debating. May the muse be with you! :-D

I gotta say I can't wait to leave Phoenix. I try to stay in the A/C at all times cause I'm sensitive to the heat but it's driving me bonkers.

Must have beach! :-D