Way back when

Yasmin of APOO posted at BiB about black bookstores closing and it got me thinking about all the cool little indie new and used stores I used to love growing up. There wasn't any Amazon.com or heck, even CDs when I was really little. My family used to take trips to bookstores and, even before that, libraries where we'd each go in our separate corners and pick up all the interesting books. I got to know some unknown writers back then based on the book covers and the back cover blurbs alone. Now, I'm sure like many others I'm spoiled beyond belief to check customer reviews and recommendations before buying a book on the shelves as the big corporate bookstores start kicking out the little guy.

The good thing is there are a few bookstores still holding on due to that personal nature that is lost today not only in bookstores but in customer service as well. And that's a good thing for the author who would like to reach new readers who rely on their bookstore owner's recommendation for great new books.

In any event that's my nostalgic walk through memory lane lined with stacks of books.

In other news, I wanted to give a big ole hug and thanks to Noelani for her spotlight of me over at GBAD last Thursday, my blogging day. :-)

Next Thursday is the day...November 1st. I have a few projects to tie up before NaNo starts including a short story I'll be editing so I'm going to go on over and do that.

Meanwhile, check out this awesome classic episode of the Twilight Zone.