Rick Bylina said...

Congrats on the pub credit. Why do so many writers like the name Miranda? I see that name so many times. How come some girls aren't named Jane or Mary or Mabel? Well, maybe not Mabel. I think I'll write a story...

Jane, the vampiher, stepped into the way-back machine. "I'll put a stop to this madness," she vowed and hit the start button. Seconds later she was in Count Vlad's court.

"Witch," someone yelled. And a guard pierced her heart with the tip of a silver lancer as a maid opened the curtain to let in the light.

"Damn," Jane said. "I should have come at night."

Rae Lori said...

Thanks! Miranda just rrroolls off the tongue so well, I think. Kinda like Madison (I used em both in one story too, hee). ;-)

I shed a tear for Jane the vampiher :-( I was just beginning to like her.

Rick Bylina said...

What's with vampires? Oh, it's halloween. Sent my version of an ending to a vampire versus werewolf story to N. Pickard. I don't think she'll use it, but it was fun.

Hope your Halloween isn't too scary and that your writing is strong.

If a werewolf bathes when he/she is a wolf, does it mean he/she doesn't have to shampoo the next day?


Rae Lori said...

Ha! Probably :-D But I've been enamored with vampires since I was a teen. I blame Anne Rice, grrr. I'm just jazzed to see them finally making a comeback in the literary world. Woo hoo.

Oh and the answer to your question? 42

Happy writing to you as well!! :-D

Rick Bylina said...

42...Thanks for all the fish.