Moonlight part deux

Tonight's the second episode of Moonlight and I'm going to give it a go because I hear Doug Greenwalt wrote this episode and I'd like to see how he presents the characters within this particular world.

This article from Media Blvd. by way of Vampire Wire says a lot of what many fans have been complaining about for the past week. One interesting thing about this article is that he mentions the current fascination with the paranormal romance genre crossing from books into TV Land.

A snippet:
It’s almost impossible to discuss this series without mentioning some of its genre forebears. Fans of “Forever Knight” and “Angel” have already blanketed the internet with accusations, refusing to watch the show on principle alone. I think that would be unfortunate, because this series has less to do with replicating a semi-successful cult legacy and more to do with the current fascination with the “paranormal romance” subgenre.

One might blame “Laurel K. Hamilton” and her Anita Blake series. In the past few years, the shelves of countless bookstores have been overflowing with a banquet of similar fare. Usually the protagonist is a hot woman experienced with hunting down hard-bodied male vampires, werewolves, and ghosts, but among the romance novelists, the situation is often reversed. Scanning the local Borders is an education in and of itself.

It seems like the trend is catching on with movies & comics as well considering Stephanie Meyer's Twilight is hitting the big screen, Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse is being translated to TV on HBO (yay Brook Kerr!) and Jim Butcher's Dresden Files is leaping from TV to comics. The supernatural is as strong as ever in the entertainment industry. Editors, publishers, agents et. al are looking for the next big thing apparently, according to Nathan Bransford. one of which is an apocalyptic vampire novel worth multi-million dollars and a movie deal.

Paranormal is definitely here to stay. Even once the publishing industry gets tired of the current trend and moves on (cause you know it will), it'll still be around waiting amidst the shadows to be devoured by consistent readers of the genre. And I'll be there right alongside them to eat up the good stories waiting to be shared. :-)


Lenoxave said...

Hi Rae:

I've been a fan of the Vampire genre for as long as I can remember. From Anne Rice, to LA Banks, to Laurell K. Hamilton and "Blade", the exploration of life and death and hot, sensuous stories will always draw me. Long may they reign as long as the quality remains high.

Rae Lori said...

Hi Danielle,

I'm right there with ya. :-D I hope many authors continue to offer different spins on the vampire folklore genre. I'll be looking forward to them (as long as the quality is good)!