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The Ever Growing To Be Read Pile of Dooooom!

Every time I think about the books I want to read next, it keeps growing! There's already a stack on my bedside table waiting. Then another stack old sci-fi books on my bookcase that has books spilling out the sides. Eek! And then another stack of reference books for crime and mystery stories next to the philosophical books that have taken over my dresser. Mind you, this isn't counting the files of E-Books I recently purchased and can't wait to dive into and the books sitting in my Amazon cart that just. will. not. end.

I'm thinking things might slow down by December hopefully.

This month I'm working on two stories for a couple of anthologies I would like to be apart of, one science fiction and one fantasy. With faeries, yay!

Then I have the longer works to work on. One I started sometime ago and would like to finish for another anthology at one of my favorite publishers. This would probably be urban fantasy romance of some sort, I imagine.

After that I would like to continue the Alloria novella with a full length novel and finally end the arc in the Cimmerian series before starting it in a different direction. One of which may be the running novel of the month for NaNoWriMo.

All these stories swimming around in my head and there's never enough time in the day. Bah!

So...coming up in my happy reading pile after Cold Warriors (I am so loving this book!)

The Second Line by Sheryl Nantus
The Seattle Barista Killer by Murdoch Hughes

and after that, we'll see what mood I'm in before diving into another. ;-)

If anyone has any good book recommendations, send em my way!


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