Author Spotlight & Readers

Today Moondancer Drake is spotlighting me on her LJ Dreamtime (located here - feel free to ask me questions if you like!). It was a fantastic and fun interview that was probably the closest I've came to really feeling like the person online was interviewing me eye to eye. I hope that made sense! But in a nutshell, the questions were given to me in a unique way that made it really fun. I even had a chance to answer about casting the Cimmerian City movie if I had the chance and, naturally being a movie buff, that was my favorite question. I would completely flip if I had a chance to cast, or even make CC into a film. Heck I'd lose my mind if it became a graphic novel!

*sigh* One can only hope someday though. :-)

I woke up this morning to a reader's email who told me she finished the novel last night and she thought it was "fantastic" and was looking forward to the next one. Wowie. I almost hit the ceiling. As a writer putting out your first book it's pretty mindblowing to get an email like that because those are the people you write for and you hope they go away from your story entertained and waiting to read more of your world.

After much hard work getting the book out and freaking out about deadlines, promotion and what reviewers and readers will think, I shall finally take a little humble breather before diving into the next.


Moondancer said...

I am thrilled you had so much fun. You were a joy to spend that time with and I wish you all the success possible with your new book.

Rae Lori said...

Thanks Moon! :-)