Action! Suspense! Thrills! Gasp!

I had to check my dvr and see if I was on the right channel watching the right show. Was that really Moonlight last night? Cause that episode was goooooood! I was amazed, enthralled and glued to my seat for most of the episode. We finally got a cool case with a serial killing vampire. Mick actually showed a spark of feeling there for a little bit and Sophia's character wasn't highly annoying. Pretty good all around.

The cool thing that really got me was they finally did the good ole SHOW and not TELL. Especially in the scenes where we got to know a little bit more about the vampire lore within the show. Serial Killer vampire (SKVamp) was freakin out his wife sleeping in the fridge and in just a few lines we leaned that these vampires love the cold temperature, a nice 'other side of the spectrum' turn from flames (that kill them) and sunlight (that impacts much damage to them). Also the scene with the stake when crazy vamp doc drove one into Mick and he couldn't move. I wondered the same as Beth "I thought stakes didn't kill you." Mick responds "It doesn't, it only paralyzes us." Which I hope will be alluded to in future episodes.

I liked seeing more action and fighting between Mick and the bad vamps here. Also seeing how he got turned which garnered some nice acting where Mick is concerned. Of course there were a few moments that bugged, why Mick was carting SKVamp down the hospital hall with a big ole stake sticking out his chest in front of everybody I have no idea. There were some eyebrow raising comments as well like when Beth asks Mick what happened to said vampire lying in the stretcher. To which Mick replies "I staked him." Ack. Then Mick goes and covers him finally. It would have been cute if they exchanged those words then she gives him a peek under the sheet and she makes a face. But I digress.

All in all, this episode was really fun and I'm glad I taped it because I'll prob be watching it again later today. Josef was awesome and not annoying like in the first episode. I like how he gave Mick advice on how to move on from "the ex". And yes, I must admit...Mick looked rather yummy in that jeans and tee lying stretched out across the sofa. Swooon.