What's going on in the world of publishing

Well, it's been a wonderful whirlwind week not only of awesome alliteration proportions, but in the land of books and book publishing!

Remember that really awesome espresso book machine released in New York a few months ago? Well move over latte books, cause there's a new toy in town. Meet Jetrix, which enables simultaneous high-speed printing of an entire page of text. How high speed, you ask? Try 1,000 pages per minute! Read all about the Jetrix at Israel 21c.

Also if you ever wanted to check out the inner workings of the publishing industry from the eyes of a publisher: meet Jane Daniel. After going through the shocking ordeal of facing 2 lawsuits against her indie publishing company (one of which is the largest in history!), she is currently writing about her story and the indie world of publishing in a real time blog with chapters added from time to time. I've read a few chapters and I'm already hooked. I'm going to add a link to my blog reads and if you want to check it out (which I highly recommend), feel free to do so at http://www.bestsellerthebook.blogspot.com.

NPR has yet another study to add to the state of reading affairs in our current society today. Hot on the heels of the 1 in 4 Americans Read No Books Last Year debacle comes the explanation of Why Women Read More Than Men, to which high empathy is sighted as a reason which makes the reader identify and feel more for the characters they read.

NPR also did a short special a few months ago on Readers Sucked in by Vampire Lit which comes to no surprise to writers who have been hearing the high wave of paranormal romance acquisitions from publishers. It's no wonder considering the amount of vampire fans out there. I guess one upcoming vampire book was definitely worth it to Ballantine Books considering the mucho denero advance of $3.7 million on a partial trilogy. Can you say whoa! Agent Lori Perkins blogged about it over at her blog and offered some nice advice for putting new twists on old ideas.

And speaking of agents and advice, Jessica Faust of BookEnds LLC recently blogged about what's hot on the market. No surprise, it's paranormals and historicals are making a comeback. What really jazzed me up is the part about romantic suspense being high on the wish list of publishers. To quote:

"Everyone is looking for it and it's not easy to find. We're a picky lot, agents and editors, and we want dark, we want scary and we want it to be original and different. Not an easy task I know, but we are all actively seeking romantic suspense."

Sweet! That gives me hope for finding a home after finishing Before Dawn Breaks. I'm currently halfway through the manuscript and will be trailblazing through to try and finish it by the end of the month in between promoting my current works on the market.

In the meantime, the weekend's here! Yay! Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and happy weekend. And for all you writers out there, hope you get lots of writing done. :-)


Bernita said...

That BookEnds heads-up perked me as well.
I need to finish the WIP too.

Rae Lori said...

Same here! But it's definitely good incentive to know that there's a potential readership waiting to read our work out there! :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you for including the mention of Jane Daniel's blog. She is fighting to keep her house and also to help other indie publishers know what happened to her. I have been trying to help by passing the wordabout her blog and appreciate others doing so.

Check back for the next installment in her story.

Best regards,

Rae Lori said...

Hi Kathleen,

Not a problem. I hope Jane gets her story out to as many authors and indie publishers as possible. Most of all, I do hope everything works out well for her. I'll definitely be following the story.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)