Moonlight Vs Forever Knight

I checked out Moonlight last night and was a bit disappointed. I gave my complete thoughts here over at the Absolute Write Moonlight thread if you want to check it out. Sparks are flying with comparisons to Angel, Buffy, FK & Blood Ties. Ironically sparks are one of the things lacking within the show. I'll probably give it another shot just to see how the story is told next week but in the meantime, I'm going to slip FK in my Amazon shopping cart and rub my hands in anticipation to see one of my fave shows I grew up loving.

Check out this article from Associate's Content showing the two shows in comparison.

CBS New Fall TV Show: Moonlight Vs Forever Knight

Moonlight is a new television drama about a vampire detective that will be airing on CBS this Fall. Does the premise sound familiar? Let's see, a vampire detective show that's set in Canada and airing on CBS. And the main character's name is Mick (as opposed to Nick)? Ring any bells yet?

If this is giving you the feeling of déjà vu, you aren't alone. Many Forever Knight fans feel that Moonlight has too many similarities, including the main character's name being only one letter different. Mick is a young private detective, as opposed to Nick who was an 800 year old homicide detective. But the similarities are striking a nerve with Forever Knight fans.

Many Forever Knight fans are asking how dare CBS put money into another vampire television show after they dropped Forever Knight in the 90s?

After CBS cancelled Forever Knight, many fans pulled together to save the show. We succeeded and it went into syndication for its second season. But then the USA channel got it for the third season. However, USA insisted on too many major changes. But ultimately, the fans had to spend money to try to save their beloved show and it was all CBS's fault because they cancelled it first. (Note: For more information on why Forever Knight was cancelled, see my article called Cancelled Too Early - 90s TV shows.)

Now, CBS wants another vampire show? Is CBS feeling they missed the boat the first time?

It's common knowledge that Forever Knight fans raised money through auctions and campaigned for the release of Forever Knight on dvd. We ran ads in magazines to ask for the show on dvds. Considering that's a bit different from other shows, I imagine we attracted a lot of attention.

All three seasons of Forever Knight are now available on dvd, no doubt because of the fans' efforts. But if CBS thinks Forever Knight fans will be fans of Moonlight, I have another thought coming for them. Considering CBS was the first to cancel Forever Knight, do they really think we'll be loyal fans of anything of theirs again?

Seriously, there is no way that any show could ever be comparable to Forever Knight. Forever Knight had the best cast and crew... That cannot be duplicated nor improved on.

Being a Forever Knight fan, I'm unsure if I can enjoy Moonlight with all the similarities. And I'm not alone. Someone told me that they feel Moonlight is like a slap in the face to Forever Knight fans - I agree. Out of curiosity, I'll watch Moonlight to see what it's really about. But just like with Lifetime's Blood Ties, I won't be a true fan. I could never love another show as much as I did Forever Knight.

Moonlight premieres on CBS at 9pm on September 28th, 2007.