Did you ever write something...

Friday, September 21, 2007 4 Comments A+ a-

that came so close to actual events that it ended up happening?

Alls I'm saying is this is tres freaky.....

A passage from the first chapter of CC:

"Blood clots and blood disorders affect more than 5 million people in the US alone. For a cleaner system, try Delanin, the leading non-prescription pill that targets blood cells for a cleaner flow through the entire body. Please read side effects carefully and consult your doctor for any possible allergic reactions. Brought to you by Dridan. Making a better future, today."

"Cleaner blood flow." Raven chuckled. "They'll make a pill for anything these days."

Cimmerian City is really happening! Ahh! LOL

Now if the sky starts darkening out the sun and turning orange, a new drug is introduced to "perfect the human body" and people start appearing with a huge thirst for blood, I'm getting on the first Offworld mission ship outta here!


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If that happens I think I might stick around and see how things shake out! LOL

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You are right- it is freaky!!! Just make sure you have room in that ship for me 'cuz I'll be wanting to take my leave as well! lol

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spooky... spooky. but isn't that the point of science fiction because it is all somehow based on science fact.