Weekend of Knowledge

Ahh my brain is exploding with so much knowledge going on! I completely forgot to blog about it earlier, but starting Thursday and onto today, Lavender Isis hosted the Midsummer Online Writing Workshops featuring topics from the basics of writing, self publishing, the inner works of book reviews, ebooks and the future and how to market your among others. It's hosted over at our Lavender Isis Message board if you're interested in attending. Our hosts will be there all weekend to answer questions and discussions that you may want to ask.

I hosted the Book Marketing thread and the Ebooks & the Future of Epublishing thread along with my partner in crime, Melissa Wathington. It was very informative to share what I know and dug up during my research. The book publishing industry is quite interesting and there's so much potential for sharpening it's rough edges into making it a true collaborative effort between small press authors and publishers, epublishers and the big guys. If everyone is willing to cooperate, that is. ;-)

One thing that struck me was this link that agent Nathan Bransford posted on his blog earlier this week about the Espresso Book Machine. I love me some coffee so anything that can make a kickin' cappuccino AND give me a book is an A++ in my book.

I linked to this in my panel at the workshop and it dawned on me that if you can feed the book machine a digital representation of a book to print (read: ebook!) then that's the perfect solution to merging ebooks and print books! Many ebook readers love the ease of buying and downloading a book right on the spot. Instead of buying the book at the bookstore (without the convenience of customer reviews below the product), you can research a book, buy it and then have it printed if you don't have a spiffy ebook reader or Ipod. Earlier this year, Borders recently talked about carrying kiosks to allow customers to download ebooks and audio books to Sony Readers (which will be available for purchase in stores). But with this new Coffee/Book machine, one would be able to print & bound ebooks right then and there. There may be some bumps in the road considering print shops and even POD houses, but this would definitely make the merge smoother on both ends and offer up a new wave of publishing for the future.