Through the eyes of a child - A Brighter Week coming

Last week wasn't a happy one. I had a literal writer meltdown to the point where I took all my writing related items on my desk and on my wall and tossed it in a big box to take out to the garage. I was going to give up writing and sign up for the nearest MFA course in basketweaving.

Yet this wasn't anything new. About 10 years ago or thereabouts I gave up writing and walked away. Of course like this recent venture, it lasted about a day tops. But during that time it felt good to say, just to heck with it all and I'm through.

I think writers need that moment sometimes to wash their hands of the business of writing, the creativity of writing and just reconnect with themselves at an individual level.

This business can make you crazy.

At every corner there are critics telling you what you should write, what sells, what works, what doesn't work, who's the best writer, who's the next best writer and there's much talk that if you listen to it too much it dampens your creativity. Then that happy high you developed during the time you wrote growing up dies down with the criticisms (and perhaps cynicism) of adulthood.

I read a gem of an quote on a message board I frequent. One of the posters said that we have to get back to seeing life through the eyes of a child. To a child, the world and its possibilities never ends. Anything can happen and the sky has no limit to the imagination. But as we grow into adults we start to criticize and listen to other's criticisms to the point where the voices drown out that childlike curiosity that fuels great stories.

And I'm totally guilty of falling into that adult life creative drainage valley!

That's when the crash and burn comes which leads to the realization.

Now I'm not saying completely shut out the industry. No sir. The more you know about the industry you work in, the better you know how to navigate it. But don't let it overtake your writing time.

I usually read my writing boards and blogs in the morning as my morning news. Since I'm a night owl (as you probably notice by the time of this blog) I try to write my WIPS during the evening with a movie in the background to help get me in the mood.

As with everything in life comes balance and sometimes you need to just chuck it in a box and put it out of your mind.

Just make sure you don't throw anything away. ;-)