A sneak peak at the Cimmerian City grab contest!

Well, I'm just coming down from my chat high (thanks to all who stopped by! it was awesome!) and I'm gathering the grab contest notes I made earlier with ideas I got from all you lovely folks out there. So, here's how the contest will go!

Upon the release of Cimmerian City, I'll give out the first link to the page with the first question to all my mailing list subscribers, then later on myspace and so on. Each question will lead you further across the land of my website until you come to the end where the final question. After you got the answer, you being our lovely contest entrant will email me with your answer. All the correct answers I tally up will then be picked out of a hat. We're going to have three winners here, a grand prize winner and then 2 secondary winners! Woo hoo!

Are you curious about what's in the grand prize grab bag?

Well, wonder no more!

Grand Prize will include:


With certain items of your choice autographed by the author (yours truly!).
GP winners will have a choice of which tee designs of the three listed they want (see my Cimmerian City Myspace profile pics under 'Grab Contest Prizes' for choices) & which bookmark front they want. And don't worry fellas, I'll get some male ringer tees if there's a winner of the male persuasion! Secondary winners will get a choice of one out of two door prizes.

I'll be ironing out the details of the treasure hunt and don't worry I won't make it too frustrating!

In other news, as mentioned in the chat, here are some Raven statues that I've been working on for a while now. The full size is still being redone and the painted one is a version I did at AI, but I'm refining with a smoother look and more clay to fix the face (I didn't like the previous version yuck!)

Check em out!