Okay this is weird...

I was completely getting antsy about some works I have circulating (not to mention the upcoming release of CC, woo hoo!) and then my impatience started to kick in. I wandered over to the sites that have the writing tip html I grabbed for my writer page on my site and I got this for yesterday:


"As you wait for the editor's response (which often feels like forever), submit your book or magazine ideas simultaneously."


Then this one for today:


"Instead of beating a path to the mailbox looking for the editor to respond, begin other projects and get more writing into the market."

*double gasp*

You're trying to tell me something, aren't you little writer's tip box o' wisdom?

All of this after opening a fortune cookie with a cryptic message within it's sweet, crunchy jaws. Hmmm. I'm not superstitious by any means, but I definitely believe in a higher power who showers signs down once in a while.

And if it wasn't the dead end of night/morning, I would pop in the Shyamalan movie of the same name (but I won't because I'll never get to sleep once I hear those creepy alien clicking sounds).

But I shall continue to heed the little orange writer box of wisdom and work on my WIPS. The good news? Just a day ago I finished the first draft of a novella I've been struggling with for a while. AND I went over my goal word count to boot! WOO HOO! I have an idea for how I want to go about editing it, but for the rest of the weekend...I shall relax. :-)


Rick Bylina said...

Your double gasp message is right on. Once something is mailed out, you can't do anything about it. It's time to move on to the next project.

Write on! Write on!! Keep writing on!!!


Rae Lori said...

Write on indeed Rick! Onward and upward as they say. :-D