The Reinvention of the Speculative

There's an interesting discussion going on in one of my yahoo groups. Is Science Fiction dead?

Now growing up I had my science fiction shows I enjoyed watching. They included various helpings of aliens, spaceships, time travel, alternate history, space travel and humans with alien foreheads. Today as I look back on that, I miss science fiction. Today SF is lumped with fantasy and horror with the latter 2 genres overtaking the former. If you have a monster running around killing people in another dimension, it's labeled SF. Now the 3 genres have given way to an extension of joint genres and, with our society's obsession with labeling everything, new subgenre names. Suddenly my perception of science fiction grew.

I love Blade Runner & Strange that futuristic SF? Or SF Noir?

I love Doctor that SF? Or Dark Fantasy?

*shakes head*

Strange. Although I've fallen to the trap because I view Cimmerian City and the later books as SF Thrillers...or SF Futuristic Thrillers.

Hmm. I guess that's why the industry has taken a liking to reinvention of speculative as a whole umbrella to cover stories that dare answer "What if?"