Today's Book TV

This weekend's Book TV is pretty sweet. For those not sure about Book TV, it's usually every weekend on C-SPAN. Although usually focusing on non-fiction works and biographies, this weekend is special as the 2007 Harlem Book Fair is being showcased live. One of the shows that caught my eye was Writing From an International Perspective. A major point that was brought up was by Judy Powell author of Coffee Cream and Curry as well as Hot Summer and an amazing speaker. She and the other panelists mentioned self-publishing being a great avenue to maintain your voice which is sometimes sacrificed in the mainstream publishing industry to make the book more, well mainstream. I've noticed this lately while reading about what other authors are saying on various message boards. Some authors have said that lit agents have told them to rewrite their books sometimes more than once before signing the author. And sometimes the authors aren't even signed after said rewrites because the agent changes their mind and liked the manuscript before the edits! Eeek!

On the other hand, lit agents are a great way to learn more about the business and offer some great contacts one wouldn't be able to go. I'm quite partial to agents with blogs as you can see by my reads. ;-) There's a wealth of into the publishing world offered by each blog post expressing what's on the lit agents mind.

But back to my point.

Self-publishing gets a bad rap in the mainstream pub industry mainly because of the lack of edits in many books that flood the market before its time to be released. On the other hand, and perhaps more importantly, there are books released by independent authors that don't have a home in the mainstream. I'm quite partial to the small press because of the flexibility in seeing my voice preserved and I also have a hand in the cover which is pretty cool.

I think one of the things that scares me is having my voice changed in my writing because I've worked so long and put so much effort within the manuscript. I love love LOVE editing to clean up my grammar and word usages and I seek it out wherever I may find it. (ME, L & F you are completely awesome editors! :-D) But I think when my voice is completely changed to fit within a preset genre or trend is when writing no longer defines that unique part of myself. It is no longer apart of me.

So, in saying all that :-) if anyone out there has any independent or small press works that are hidden gems please let me know. I'm reading one now as you can see on the right side and it's awesome. I plan on writing a review to help fellow suspense/mystery readers in purchasing the book, but I want to say that the author has a strong voice and a great way with visual words.

A great read is a great read no matter the publisher or distribution. Hopefully, in the future small and independent presses and authors will get more distribution to reach their audience more easier. A girl can dream. ;-)