Summer Breeze makes me feel fine...

Hello to all you shiny happy people out there! It's a new day and a new month.

It's official. Summer's actually here. Being smack dab in the desert, it's been here for a few months now but as I stepped outside of my house this evening, I felt like I was walking into an oven. Whoo! I love summer nights, but mostly dipping in a pool rather than the heat still suspended in the air from the day!

Anywho, the newsletter has just been shipped out. A few pieces of news and some reviews were shared. I'll be posting an archived version on my website later on in the month. Also later, I'll be presenting a new website opening page layout to commemorate the release of Cimmerian City. I have a few ideas in mind I can't wait to unleash upon the world. The date is pending and you guys will be the first to know once I receive the date...okay maybe the fourth or fifth to know because I'll be on the phone that second. ;-)

My very good friend Lissa has called me the links queen on many occasions due to my pension for scouring the net for useful publishing industry and writing links. Living up to my nickname, I'll go ahead and post some useful links I found the past few days.

Paula Guran over at Juno Books recently posted about the terminology that defines 'Paranormal Romance' books and the various popular books in the publishing industry.

Paranormal Romance is a pretty hot genre in publishing today and although the type of books may have been around for awhile, it's starting to get a lot of attention thanks to publishers carving out a special place for it like Juno Books.

Also of note is the Publishing is Not Logical post which alludes to the New York Times article uncovering the inner workings of the publishing industry. Interesting stuff indeed.

Over at her Myspace site, Author Linnea Sinclair blogs about Writing Conflict in her latest post and offers some great advice on how to write it effectively and with believability. And with much amusing wit, I must say. :-)

Also on Myspace, Author E. Lucas -Taylor gives another awesome writing tp on Branding yourself as a writer. It may seem like all out scary and overwhelming putting yourself out there as a brand, but if you think of it as sharing your work with the world in a creative fashion, it becomes kind of fun. No, really it does! Trust me on this and then check out the article.

Well, that's it for today. I have a press kit waiting to be tweaked, some ads to send and a work in progress to edit and rewrite before the night is over.

Til next time!