Rae's Red Flags and R&R

Hey folks! I took a bit longer vacation from last week. I'm still taking a bit of a break this week because I've been going nonstop for the past few MONTHS and I need to regenerate and replenish my energy. Call it Rae's version of R&R :-P

Anywho, a bit of news! The release date for Cimmerian City is on hold for now. Once I get more solid news I'll definitely pass it on to you fine folks out there, so stay tuned!

E. Lucas-Taylor posted an awesome blog recently about Contract Red Flags. Writers out there will definitely benefit from this post as well as the links to EPIC's sample contract to help navigate you through the sometimes convoluted and confusing land of publishing contracts. First rule of contracts is to read them carefully and it is always recommended to get a legal professional well versed in publishing contracts to check and double check it for you.