Literary Pizzazz Podcast is up!

Well folksies, I'd have to say today was a very productive day. I had a complete blast earlier talking with Pam Osbey on Literary Pizzazz about Cimmerian City and with her very awesome listeners about everything writing related. I especially enjoyed talking with the young listeners whose excitement I definitely shared! If you guys missed the show, fear not. Feel free to listen online to the podcast or download it directly to your hard drive to listen at a later date! I've also placed the link on my writer's page at just in case you need the links again. ;-)

Today also commemorated the end of a Work In Progress that has consumed my life for the past few months. Ah yes, Cimmerian World is finally finished. A friend of mine edited it and now I just have to go through her edits to spit polish the manuscript and then set it aside to marinate for a while. This book has been a rollercoaster ride let me tell ya. Even more than Cimmerian City. Whoo!

Just to step away from the whole series, I'm going to work on Marauder Star which focuses on a band of space pirates on the run from the law in the future. It'll be an illustrated science fiction work merging graphic novel and the written word, so hang tight for all the goodies to come of that story!


Phil Nation said...

I gave it a listen, and you sounded like you enjoyed it. Glad to hear it went well for you. :-)

Rae Lori said...

Thanks Phil! :-)