I'm alive!

I'm still around. I note it's been weeks since I posted the last post! I've been running around trying to get some works done. I'm working on a newish novel and have been selling 'One Evening in London' well on Amazon. I'm so happy at the interest it's gotten and I must say a thank you to a special reader out there who has spread the word for me. It was a joy to write and I would like to continue writing in the multicultural romance genre alongside the speculative genre.

Right now more copies are being printed up for 'London' and will be available at Amazon hopefully later this week. So for anyone out there sad or confused about the Out of Stock notice, don't fret! More is on its way! Spread the word to your friends. :-)

I'm going to crash now before dawn breaks....ah, the name of my newest work which is appropriate considering my usual bed time! I'll have to tell you a little bit more about the work in the near future!

Of note: 3 months until Cimmerian City debuts! I have big big plans for my first full length novel including a HUGE grab contest for which I'm in the process of getting prizes for in the coming months. So hang tight!


Rashmi said...

Look forward to reading CC! And the contest as well ;-)

Rae Lori said...

I'll definitely be sure to keep you posted and thanks for stopping by my blog, abookworm! :-)