I should be sleeping

For the love of all that is good in this world, I know I should be sleeping soundly, but it's funny when you work overtime in a career that you literally take home with you (well, there's actually nowhere else to take it other than home, but you know what I mean). But it happened again. I'm usually staying up in the wee hours in the morning but am trying to get into bed around 1 or so. Last Thursday I found myself going to bed real early and then waking up at 8 am. Shocking I know! Hasn't happened since though lol.

In any event, the reason I am blogging is because I am making a new personal goal to the world. At my bedside is a list of books, some I bought long ago, some I recently dug out and some that are my favorites. I'm going to give random reviews on books that I'm trying to get through. Some are already going to get high marks like Sandra Kitt's The Color of Love and Seressia Glass's No Commitment Required and the former I already reviewed on amazon long ago (to read the review go here ). Since I've been getting a flurry of reviews I thought I'd give back into the land and review some of the ones on my shelf. I also have some from our Lavender Isis authors that I want to read soon and give a few reviews of those too. I don't know if my reviews will be as spiffy as the seasoned pros (like the awesome Miss Lissa out there) but it'll be this gal's opinion. Plus I can catch up with some of my amazon.com reviews that I need to post from long ago.

So in an effort to relax after the craziness of work (and to get my mind off all that work) I shall commence this week's reading with Giselle Carmichael's 'I'll Be Your Shelter.'
Upcoming To be reviewed: Seressia Glass's No Commitment Required.

Currently reading : I'll Be Your Shelter (Love Spectrum Romance) By Giselle Carmichael