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Where's the love?

While searching for old lyrics, I came across this 2005 article entitled Will the standards go on? Today’s lyrics often missing romantic class about standards and extinction of romantic music. Gone are the days when you can tune into new mainstream romantic ballads from the radio under candlelight. Or even have a nice choice of date night movies without seeing heads roll and some psychotic killer holding hostages for ransom who are for to sever limbs for survival. The cool thing though is my favorite music genre, Jazz, is still high in the romance department even with new stuff that comes out with my favorites. The sad thing is the lack of romance in the mainstream considering jazz is sort of a niche market. Even in the 80s and early 90s there were still love songs from my fave mainstream groups & singers of the time like Soul For Real, Troop, Lisa Stansfield, New Edition, Silk, Shai, Cherelle, Alexander O'Neal, Jodeci, A-ha, Lisa Lisa, Pebbles, etc. and so forth. Even the Bon…

I'm alive!

I'm still around. I note it's been weeks since I posted the last post! I've been running around trying to get some works done. I'm working on a newish novel and have been selling 'One Evening in London' well on Amazon. I'm so happy at the interest it's gotten and I must say a thank you to a special reader out there who has spread the word for me. It was a joy to write and I would like to continue writing in the multicultural romance genre alongside the speculative genre.

Right now more copies are being printed up for 'London' and will be available at Amazon hopefully later this week. So for anyone out there sad or confused about the Out of Stock notice, don't fret! More is on its way! Spread the word to your friends. :-)

I'm going to crash now before dawn breaks....ah, the name of my newest work which is appropriate considering my usual bed time! I'll have to tell you a little bit more about the work in the near future!

Of note: 3 month…

Writer's Cramp!!!

Okay, so lately I've been juggling Lavender Isis work with writing the sequel to my book and marketing 'Cimmerian City' my first novel. I've noticed fellow writers in the same camp and I only wish I knew a good PR person to help us all out. Alas, I don't but I am learning some immensely awesome tips on getting the word out that I'd love to share with my fellow writers.

I recently picked up 'The Frugal Book Promoter' by Carolyn Howard-Johnson. Carolyn is also on the Publishing and Promoting Yahoo group which is where I found out about her book. I'm also learning some other great techniques for book marketing in that group as well.

One big thing she mentions is having a contact list. Writers are literally nothing without their readers so it's good at the earliest you can to make a contact mailing list to keep your readers, friends, family, etc informed about your book and how it's coming along. At the same time, you want to also have a professio…

I should be sleeping

For the love of all that is good in this world, I know I should be sleeping soundly, but it's funny when you work overtime in a career that you literally take home with you (well, there's actually nowhere else to take it other than home, but you know what I mean). But it happened again. I'm usually staying up in the wee hours in the morning but am trying to get into bed around 1 or so. Last Thursday I found myself going to bed real early and then waking up at 8 am. Shocking I know! Hasn't happened since though lol.

In any event, the reason I am blogging is because I am making a new personal goal to the world. At my bedside is a list of books, some I bought long ago, some I recently dug out and some that are my favorites. I'm going to give random reviews on books that I'm trying to get through. Some are already going to get high marks like Sandra Kitt's The Color of Love and Seressia Glass's No Commitment Required and the former I already reviewed on amaz…