Reviving the fugue state

Recently, I was asked what genre I would like to tackle that I haven't before and my answer was horror.

I was looking through my old writings today after being inspired by the movie Silent Hill which I finally had a chance to watch. To straighten up a few things here, I'm a HUGE fan of the games and although I initially boycotted the movie due to everything I heard, I wanted to take a moment and see the movie for myself. Good thing I read ahead though, so I can hide through the gory parts (yes I hate gratuitous gore in films, especially if they aren't in the original source material). I'll give a full review of the movie in a sec, but to finish out my point I was inspired because of the inadequacies (or lack thereof) within the story and the lack of characterization in the movie. Now grant it, it's hard to get a nice full characterization like in a novel (and my roots as a screenwriter shudders at the thought of this) but I know it's possible because many other good movies have proved it.

Zipping back to the initial point, I realized that I got my start in horror. Back when I was a preteen and teen, I couldn't get my fill of vampire novels and scary stories. I remember one I read in which shadows in a particular room would come to life once the lights go out. Freaked me out so much, I couldn't sleep and my mom took the book away and I haven't seen it since.

I started a story sometime ago about a woman who found out her father's assets were to be turned over to her after his death. She has to go to this town to sign papers for acceptings of ownership and such. Turns out the place is a ghost town...and not exactly empty.

I'm currently turning the story into a screenplay due to it's visual nature.

Back then I also had an idea for the third Silent Hill game. I sent it in and let's just say it's interesting how similar things turned out in the third game. Still, I think it's kinda cool. I still have a copy of that letter with my old letterhead in a box somewhere.

In any event, I'd like to make it a point to finish said story. I think it has much potential to be entertaining and pretty scary. As I write it right now, I'm listening to the Silent Hill game soundtrack and it's midnight. So I hope I'm not up all night with thoughts of my story dancing around in my head. I'll have to think of a happier story by the time my head hits the pillow.

My review of Silent Hill the movie version goes as such. It wasn't as bad as I imagined...the first hour that is. Alot of what happened in the game played out and in a strange twist of fate, I wish they would have made it more theatrical. Funny because throughout the time the movie was out, I was wishing they would have made it more like the game! What I mean is, I wish there would have been more characterization and more motive for the main character. I also wish they would have kept the main character a male, but that's neither here nor there. I highly enjoyed the visuals in the beginning of the movie. The town was beautiful especially when it changed to the 'Other World.' I wish they didn't muck up the story in changing into a weird strange evil cultist Crucible type story and kept the paranormal elements like that in the game with Dahlia being the leader who let the whole deal. Seeing the monsters was as unsettling and I almost felt the way I did like when I first played the game. Straight out creeped. The movie stayed with me which is kind of good but I couldn't help but wish for more. I'm also of the mind that the gory parts could have been left out and stayed truer to the game's atmosphere which relied on scary, unsettling feeling without showing you every sense of torture known to man. That's the beauty of the SH games, it was creepy without being in your face. Kind of like Alien. The atmosphere and psychology of the world disturbed you! I wonder what Ridley Scott would have done with the adaptation...

So in a nutshell, I'm on a writing streak and I have the movie to thank for that. I'm going to see if I can't get a few pages written before I return to real life. Right now I feel like my mind is in Silent Hill and it's an awesome feeling because I'm going through everything my character is going through. Writers out there will know what I'm talking about. :-)


Missy Sue said...

Rae, this is so weird.....I was majorly inspired by the movie as well, it spawned my Sinless Rogue MS. Although, it gave me nightmares, something about the "revenge" aspect of the movie gave me such a great idea.