New month, new challenges

And so another month is upon us. Spring is around the corner followed by summer (and hopefully some good summer reading!!) It's officially 4 months until the release of my big novel/labor of love and I'm feeling like it's time for one big exhale.

I love writing. I really do. And although sometimes it feels like the "job" borders on masochistic tendencies (particularly sending out your work after continuous rejection after rejection) it's a highly useful form of treatment, especially when you take the many problems we have today and incorporate it in the writing piece. I personally love the type of stories that talk about our society today and deconstruct it through the eyes of the characters. Stories like these transcend mere genre labels, but even still I love the sci-fi end of things. ;-)

In any event, it's time I take some time off and do something that many writers have to do when the business side of writing becomes too much: reacquaint myself with the love of writing and why I started in the first place.

Writing, like everything these days, is a business and sometimes it seems like the business side overtakes the creative end. "What sells" is the main trend, rather than "what's good" even though both can go hand in hand if given the chance. But that's probably a topic for another blog!

Off to my writer's retreat!