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Whoa! My first Cimmerian City review!!!

Cocktail Reviews just finished reviewing Cimmerian City my upcoming sci-fi novel and I'm jazzed! 4 Flutes out of 5!!!

Check it on out here on the first page!!!! or here for the regular link:

A snippet: "Cimmerian City shows us a frightening outcome to current fears of crises on every front. From global warming and rampant pollution, to race wars and violence, from global control of the world's economy by a handful of corporations, to controversial medical experimentation for profits for a drug-dependent society. Here is the extreme vision that Cimmerian City give us of the haves and the have-nots. The few people who can afford to protect themselves from this severally damaged world and those who are subject to the uncertainty of daily life."

If you haven't added the official Cimmerian City Myspace page, feel free to add it on here: http://www.myspac…

Let me down easy! Always welcome!

Today I got the most sweetest and awesome rejection letter from a noir magazine today. They described my narrative as "lucid and fluid." My pacing was "excellent". And I made "fine, dark touches" that created a "creepy, noir feel." I almost fell out of my seat! Even though it was a rejection, in which I understand the situation of the mag being in their shoes, I thought it was really sweet for them to give me such kind words. Hopefully I'll place the story somewhere, but for now I'm going to let the letter simmer in my brain for a while and keep me moving foward!

I also got a rejection from said previous lit agent (see 'I Found Him' entry) which is understandable because the book isn't really mainstream. But I shall keep on keeping whether it be attached or single! lol.

For now, I'm going to focus on building up Olympus Haven: our spec resource site, reading submissions for the Oasis and editing the books we have now for re…

Reviving the fugue state

Recently, I was asked what genre I would like to tackle that I haven't before and my answer was horror.

I was looking through my old writings today after being inspired by the movie Silent Hill which I finally had a chance to watch. To straighten up a few things here, I'm a HUGE fan of the games and although I initially boycotted the movie due to everything I heard, I wanted to take a moment and see the movie for myself. Good thing I read ahead though, so I can hide through the gory parts (yes I hate gratuitous gore in films, especially if they aren't in the original source material). I'll give a full review of the movie in a sec, but to finish out my point I was inspired because of the inadequacies (or lack thereof) within the story and the lack of characterization in the movie. Now grant it, it's hard to get a nice full characterization like in a novel (and my roots as a screenwriter shudders at the thought of this) but I know it's possible because many other …

New month, new challenges

And so another month is upon us. Spring is around the corner followed by summer (and hopefully some good summer reading!!) It's officially 4 months until the release of my big novel/labor of love and I'm feeling like it's time for one big exhale.

I love writing. I really do. And although sometimes it feels like the "job" borders on masochistic tendencies (particularly sending out your work after continuous rejection after rejection) it's a highly useful form of treatment, especially when you take the many problems we have today and incorporate it in the writing piece. I personally love the type of stories that talk about our society today and deconstruct it through the eyes of the characters. Stories like these transcend mere genre labels, but even still I love the sci-fi end of things. ;-)

In any event, it's time I take some time off and do something that many writers have to do when the business side of writing becomes too much: reacquaint myself with the…