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I posted this at the Cimmerian City blog and 2 myspace bulletins and I would have posted it at my Myspace page, but unfortunately the site is down (we're not very shocked about that are we?)

These are the very first reviews that I've received and I am over the hill ecstatic!! They aren't for Cimmerian City (yet!) but they are for another speculative piece I've written entitled 'The Eye of Alloria' an Illustrated novella.

Warning: The second review contains major spoilers for the story so click at your discretion. Very awesome words by these two wonderful ladies! yippee!

Here's a few snippets and their links!

    Praise for "The Eye of Alloria'

    "This book has a beautiful dedication. I was moved by that alone. Next, I must say that Rae Lindley has a wonderful imagination. This is an incredible tale. I have been reading genre fiction since the 1970s and this is something new. Also, the artwork here, by Rachel Lindley belongs in a gallery.The story is bound to move you as Saron and his family, as well as our Earth itself, encounter obstacles you will not believe.Rae Lindley covers both Fantasy and Science Fiction with this tale and uses a new voice with entirely fresh ideas."

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    "Merging ancient civilization with current technology, Ms. Lindley creates an engaging plot that joins science fiction with fantasy. The Eye of Alloria, published by Lavender Isis Press, is a unique though captivating story possessing spectacular characters that seem genuine while building the story's suspense......Throughout the book, Ms. Lindley displays exquisite artwork that provides a visual to the book. Her next book, Cimmerian City looks just as intriguing, due out this summer."

    A dedicated reader,

    Pamela Jenewein
    http://romanceatheart.com/review/eyeofalloria.htmlRomance at Heart Magazine


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