I found him!

Yes!!! THE ONE. He's funny, he's helpful and a bit weird like myself and he likes science fiction. Now the big question is what can he do for me and will he really like me?

Yeah, no...so not talking about romance, but am I the only one who sees the parallel to finding a romantic mate with finding that great literary agent (and sometimes publisher)?

You start the beginning of the seduction dance. You see each other across the floor (the page, search engine, etc). And you are scared, of course, to approach the person because you know you have the chance of being flat out rejected. But you like that person, even a little and hope that they like you to. You hope they find you smart and funny and...profitable(?) in the long run. You hope this person isn't out to swindle you and take you for all your worth leaving you penniless, cheated, alone and having to start all over again.

So you take that step with the hope that maybe, just maybe, the person wants to see more of you. And then the dance really commences as you work together to bring beautiful little 200 page bundles of joy into the world to grow up and become a best selling grownups and productive additions to society.

At least that's the dream.

For now, I see what I want and I want to approach, but I have to get my credentials ready (past experiences). Put on my best dress (nice, articulate words), fix my hair (query letter) and do a little more homework on my prospect (make sure the agent wants what I got!) and then maybe a little bit down the road I'll be announcing our new bundle of joy after the marriage (agent/author partnership).

Now if only men came with referrals and happy former client feedbacks and background checks, I'd say we're on the road to getting some things done!