Coming Up Roses

Hey guys! Just thought I'd do a quick blog about my work and tell ya to keep an eye out for because it's making its way all around the net!

My book cover designs can be seen at Lavender Isis Press in their upcoming books, I also designed the logo which is currently being used by Amira Press (they also used Melissa Wathington's awesome imprint names, kudos Lissa!) and I have a Renderosity gallery that is being updated more frequently, thank goodness lol. I need to get my butt in gear for writing because I haven't been doing that as much as I need to be, but after opening things should be little more lowkey. So keep an eye out for my artwork! Also make sure you check my blog for current and upcoming updates!
I'm also testing out a new logo I may be using for my site. Not sure whether I want to go fancy or more sci-fi tech. Here's the fancy one with my second signature font, Edwardian Script for the main layout.