Rae's 2007 Movie Wish List

It's been a long long time since I done this and I have to admit, it's been a long long while since I've had the urgency and excitement to see so many movies in a year!

So here it is, my 2007 movie wish list for movies I'm DYING or curious to see! :-D

Now Out

The Astronaut Farmer
From the time he was a child, Charles Farmer had only one goal: to be an astronaut. Earning his degree in aerospace engineering and joining the Air Force as a pilot, Farmer was a natural for NASA's astronaut training program and was well on his way when a family situation forced him to drop out. But Farmer was not a man to let anything stand in the way of a dream.

__March 16__

Fifty years from now, the sun is dying, and mankind is dying with it. Our last hope: a spaceship and a crew of eight men and women. They carry a device which will breathe new life into the star. But deep into their voyage, out of radio contact with Earth, their mission is starting to unravel. There is an accident, a fatal mistake, and a distress beacon from a spaceship that disappeared seven years earlier.

Linda Hanson (SANDRA BULLOCK) has a beautiful house, a loving husband and two adorable daughters. Her life is perfect, until the day she receives the devastating news that her husband Jim (JULIAN McMAHON) has died in a car accident. For this devoted wife and mother, it's the worst she could imagine. But did she imagine it? When Linda wakes up the following morning her husband is very much alive.

At first, Linda believes the accident must have been a nightmare. Then it happens again; some days Linda awakens to find Jim is next to her alive and well, while on others she awakens a widow. Inexplicably, she is living the days of her life out of order.

Linda's traumatizing premonition sets off a series of puzzling, time-altering events. Her world is turned upside down as the surreal circumstances lead her to discover that her perfect life may not have been all that it appeared. Desperate to save her family, Linda begins a furious race against time and fate to try and preserve everything she and Jim have built together.

I Think I Love My Wife
I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE, written, directed by and starring Chris Rock, is a sophisticated comedy about marriage and the lure of a new love. Nikki (Kerry Washington) is the exciting free spirit who makes Richard's (Chris Rock) daydreams come true while Richard's wife Brenda (Gina Torres) is so preoccupied with her own career and raising their two children that she has little time for her husband.

__March 23___

After the defeat of their old arch nemesis, The Shredder, the Turtles have grown apart as a family. Struggling to keep them together, their rat sensei, Master Splinter (Mako), becomes worried when strange things begin to brew in New York City. Tech-industrialist Max Winters (Patrick Stewart) is raising up an army of ancient monsters, and only one super-ninja fighting team can stop them — those heroes in a half shell — Leonardo (James Arnold Taylor), Michelangelo (Mikey Kelley), Donatello (Mitchell Whitfield) and Raphael (Nolan North)! With the help of old allies April O'Neil (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Casey Jones (Chris Evans), the Turtles are in for the fight of their lives as they once again must face the mysterious Foot Clan, who have put their own ninja skills behind Winters' endeavors.

Based on true events, Lionsgate's PRIDE tells the inspiring story of Jim Ellis, a charismatic schoolteacher in the 1970s who changed lives forever when he founded an African-American swim team in one of Philadelphia's roughest neighborhoods. Directed by Sunu Gonera, this life-affirming drama stars Academy Award ® nominee Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow, Crash, Ray), Bernie Mac (Guess Who, Oceans 12, Bad Santa) and Kimberly Elise (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Manchurian Candidate, John Q). The year is 1973, and Jim Ellis (Terence Howard), a college-educated African-American, can't find a job.

___April 13___

Perfect Stranger
Revolution Studios' sexy thriller Perfect Stranger asks the question: how far would you go to keep a secret? When investigative reporter Rowena Price (Halle Berry) learns that her friend's murder might be connected to powerful ad executive Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis), she goes undercover with the help of her associate, Miles Hailey (Giovanni Ribisi). Posing as Katherine, a temp at Hill's agency, and Veronica, a girl Hill flirts with online, Rowena surrounds her prey from all sides, only to discover that she isn't the only one changing identities.

___April 27___

Las Vegas showroom magician Cris Johnson has a secret which is a gift and a curse which torments him: he can see a few minutes into the future. Sick of the examinations he underwent as a child and the interest of the government and medical establishment in his power, he lies low under an assumed name in Vegas, performing cheap tricks and living off small-time gambling "winnings." But when a terrorist group threatens to detonate a nuclear device in Los Angeles, government agent Callie Ferris must use all her wiles to capture Cris and convince him to help her stop the cataclysm.

__June 29___

*Live Free or Die Hard
Bruce Willis returns to reprise his role of John McLane from the DIE HARD movies for this fourth installment in the series. This time out McClane is after a group of Internet-savvy terrorists who threaten the security of the United States.

__July 4th__

*Fantastic Four 2
Marvel's first family of superheroes, The Fantastic Four, meets their greatest challenge yet in FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER as the enigmatic, intergalactic herald, The Silver Surfer, comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction. As the Silver Surfer races around the globe wreaking havoc, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben must unravel the mystery of the Silver Surfer and confront the surprising return of their mortal enemy, Dr. Doom, before all hope is lost.

Our world will be transformed on July 4 when aliens make Earth their final battleground in "Transformers." As the forces of evil seek the key to ultimate power, our last chance for survival rests in the hands of young Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf).

__July 13__

1408 (def on dvd cause I ain't THAT brave!)
Mike Enslin (John Cusack) is a best-selling author and a sceptic when it comes to paranormal matters. But a stay in a creepy hotel, in the dreaded Room 1408, may force him to change his mind in this chiller.

__August 3___

*The Bourne Ultimatum
Matt Damon returns as the trained assassin Jason Bourne for the latest showdown in The Bourne Ultimatum. In the follow-up to 2002's The Bourne Identity and 2004's The Bourne Supremacy--the smash hits that have earned over $500 million at the global box office--acclaimed director Paul Greengrass (United 93, The Bourne Supremacy) joins returning cast members Julia Stiles and Joan Allen and new additions David Strathairn, Paddy Considine and Edgar Ramirez.

___August 10___

Rush Hour 3
Chris Tucker returns to the big screen after a six-year absence as he reunites with the all-star team of co-star Jackie Chan, director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, X-Men: The Last Stand, Hannibal), and writer Jeff Nathanson (Rush Hour 2, Catch Me If You Can) to deliver the third installment of the blockbuster Rush Hour franchise.

Aliens Vs. Predator 2

__August 17__

The Invasion
The Invasion tells the story of a mysterious epidemic that alters the behavior of human beings. When a Washington D.C. psychiatrist (Nicole Kidman) discovers the epidemic's origins are extraterrestrial, she must fight to protect her son, who may hold the key to stopping the escalating invasion.

I found him!

Yes!!! THE ONE. He's funny, he's helpful and a bit weird like myself and he likes science fiction. Now the big question is what can he do for me and will he really like me?

Yeah, no...so not talking about romance, but am I the only one who sees the parallel to finding a romantic mate with finding that great literary agent (and sometimes publisher)?

You start the beginning of the seduction dance. You see each other across the floor (the page, search engine, etc). And you are scared, of course, to approach the person because you know you have the chance of being flat out rejected. But you like that person, even a little and hope that they like you to. You hope they find you smart and funny and...profitable(?) in the long run. You hope this person isn't out to swindle you and take you for all your worth leaving you penniless, cheated, alone and having to start all over again.

So you take that step with the hope that maybe, just maybe, the person wants to see more of you. And then the dance really commences as you work together to bring beautiful little 200 page bundles of joy into the world to grow up and become a best selling grownups and productive additions to society.

At least that's the dream.

For now, I see what I want and I want to approach, but I have to get my credentials ready (past experiences). Put on my best dress (nice, articulate words), fix my hair (query letter) and do a little more homework on my prospect (make sure the agent wants what I got!) and then maybe a little bit down the road I'll be announcing our new bundle of joy after the marriage (agent/author partnership).

Now if only men came with referrals and happy former client feedbacks and background checks, I'd say we're on the road to getting some things done!

Coming Up Roses

Hey guys! Just thought I'd do a quick blog about my work and tell ya to keep an eye out for because it's making its way all around the net!

My book cover designs can be seen at Lavender Isis Press in their upcoming books, I also designed the logo which is currently being used by Amira Press (they also used Melissa Wathington's awesome imprint names, kudos Lissa!) and I have a Renderosity gallery that is being updated more frequently, thank goodness lol. I need to get my butt in gear for writing because I haven't been doing that as much as I need to be, but after opening things should be little more lowkey. So keep an eye out for my artwork! Also make sure you check my blog for current and upcoming updates!
I'm also testing out a new logo I may be using for my site. Not sure whether I want to go fancy or more sci-fi tech. Here's the fancy one with my second signature font, Edwardian Script for the main layout.

I'm spamming myself here but ah well! lol

I posted this at the Cimmerian City blog and 2 myspace bulletins and I would have posted it at my Myspace page, but unfortunately the site is down (we're not very shocked about that are we?)

These are the very first reviews that I've received and I am over the hill ecstatic!! They aren't for Cimmerian City (yet!) but they are for another speculative piece I've written entitled 'The Eye of Alloria' an Illustrated novella.

Warning: The second review contains major spoilers for the story so click at your discretion. Very awesome words by these two wonderful ladies! yippee!

Here's a few snippets and their links!

    Praise for "The Eye of Alloria'

    "This book has a beautiful dedication. I was moved by that alone. Next, I must say that Rae Lindley has a wonderful imagination. This is an incredible tale. I have been reading genre fiction since the 1970s and this is something new. Also, the artwork here, by Rachel Lindley belongs in a gallery.The story is bound to move you as Saron and his family, as well as our Earth itself, encounter obstacles you will not believe.Rae Lindley covers both Fantasy and Science Fiction with this tale and uses a new voice with entirely fresh ideas."

    Buzzable and Buzzalicious!



    "Merging ancient civilization with current technology, Ms. Lindley creates an engaging plot that joins science fiction with fantasy. The Eye of Alloria, published by Lavender Isis Press, is a unique though captivating story possessing spectacular characters that seem genuine while building the story's suspense......Throughout the book, Ms. Lindley displays exquisite artwork that provides a visual to the book. Her next book, Cimmerian City looks just as intriguing, due out this summer."

    A dedicated reader,

    Pamela Jenewein
    http://romanceatheart.com/review/eyeofalloria.htmlRomance at Heart Magazine

      An Interview with Rae Lindley

      My first interview! Ahhhhhh! I think I'm finally passing the threshold where I'm not just a writer, but an actual author!


      A snippet:

      - What truly motivates you in general? In your writing?

      Definitely my characters. I love the stories that have to tell and the way they interact with each other. Much of it offsets and illustrates their environment they live within so I get to explore different times and worlds at the same time, while carrying my message throughout the story.

      - Where do your ideas come from?
      From all over. Strangely enough, I have a ton of what if situations that pop up in my head. It could be started by a character doing something in a movie and I wonder what if something completely different happened, pop there’s an idea. Or I hear about a news event that happened and I see a solution that I can later try out in one of my stories.

      - Do you have a favorite author? Favorite book?
      Definitely. My favorite author would have to be Seressia Glass, because I love love love her book No Commitment Required. It’s probably my favorite in its category. And my ultimate favorite book is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I first read it in high school and it’s had an impact on me ever since. I never read another book that defined our world so spot on even though it was written more than 50 years ago!

      - What do you think of critique groups in general?
      I think they’re a necessary asset for writers, especially beginning writers, in general. I benefited greatly from it myself when I was honing my own works and to get constructive feedback allows you to step back from your own work and see things through other people’s eyes.

      - Among your own books, have you a favorite book? Favorite hero or heroine?
      I’m biased toward Cimmerian City, I’d have to say. *laughs* Raven Blackheart is my alter ego and favorite heroine because she’s a side of me that doesn’t get to come out very often! She says what’s on her mind, she makes wise cracks in the heat of the moment and her temper often gets the best of her.

      Mosey on over here to check out the fult interview I have with Romance At Heart Magazine: http://romanceatheart.com/interview/raelindley.html

      I feel very blessed to be doing what I love and to be spreading what I know to fellow readers and writers. I can't help but feel on the edge of something big and I'm just itching to dive in and bask in the experience!

      My week has been made!!

      Also check out my Author's Den page with some poems I wrote a loooooong time ago never shown before anywhere!