And as the day ends and the night begins...

One of the things I notice I keep doing is talking about how busy I am and how I have tons of stuff going on. Well, I figure it's time for show and tell.

My room, which also serves as my office and art studio, is filed to the brim with papers, stories, art, books and tons of other things that remind me of all the ideas that float around in my head. One of these is my love for all things visual, especially film. When I was a kid, film seemed magical to me and beautiful. A little bit of the magic has been lost lately with all the films coming out. I'm not a huge fan of horror, but that's what's mostly coming out these days.

Anywho, veering off the subject. What I wanted to say was that these ideas I have include various characters who act out and give commentary and a voice for said ideas floating around in my head. Lately I find myself writing a lot about marriage and even though I have never been married and it's something I aspire to, I can't be but amazed at all the marriages that have survived hardships and intense trials only to come out stronger. So combining my interest of film and the commentary of marriage is 1 of 2 stories that I wrote with this theme in mind: The Comfort of Strangers.

The title is inspired by a song by Skin of the same name, which is played at the end of Mike Figgis's experimental film shown in quadrants: Time Code. Starring my girl, Salma Hayek. ;-)
'The Comfort of Strangers' started out as a short screenplay I wrote for school as I was getting my BA. It sat for a few years until recently when I decided to write it in experimental form, basically breaking most of the rules of writing. I touched a bit on present tense, jumped viewpoints and even told scenes changing rather than showed time changing. The effort grew into a fiction of 27 pages and 7,184 words. It's currently not available in full anywhere, but it may be available for your viewing pleasure in full in the near future.

'The Comfort of Strangers' is about a marriage falling apart and the efforts one wife goes through to 'wake her husband up' once she finds out whether her suspicions are true if he's cheating on her or not...


Unknown said...

Lordy, beautiful blog!

I love Tennessee William's line, "I'll rely on the kindness of strangers." Kinda like your line "comfort....." I'm like you, I think characters are EVERYTHING in a story.
Like me, you are a "character" yourself, I'll bet.

Rae Lori said...

Hi Ruthie!

Characters are indeed everything! It's amazing how such people who exist on the page can make a person feel so many emotions. Especially when you as a writer are creating them!

Btw, I visited your blog and I have to say I love the pulp vintage feel&covers. I'm a noir fan myself! :-)

Thanks again for posting!


Ana Lee Kennedy said...

Hi Rae! I just stumbled across your blog while visiting LIP today. How cool!

Rae Lori said...

Hi Faith! *waves* Thanks! Glad you stopped by :-)