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Don't say it's over, til it's over

There are some things in life that are beyond our control. I repeat, there are some things in life that are beyond our control. It’s a simple concept we’ve all heard probably many, many times over. But sometimes the simplest concepts are the hardest to execute.

I recently came in contact with this guy that I used to know, hmm, probably a few years ago. He taught me to play the online version of Scrabble. It was during these games when we got to know each other. The pristine surface that we all carry around in our everyday lives (Hi! How you doing? Great and you? Great!) came off and I saw the scars of his past at its ugliest. I wanted to help him, but I learned the hard way that some things in life are beyond my control and there is only so much that can be done a thousand miles away.

He didn’t remember me. But I remembered him. During that time we talked he showed me a photo of his little girl that he didn’t get to see too often. It was one of the times where he took her to an amusemen…

And as the day ends and the night begins...

One of the things I notice I keep doing is talking about how busy I am and how I have tons of stuff going on. Well, I figure it's time for show and tell.

My room, which also serves as my office and art studio, is filed to the brim with papers, stories, art, books and tons of other things that remind me of all the ideas that float around in my head. One of these is my love for all things visual, especially film. When I was a kid, film seemed magical to me and beautiful. A little bit of the magic has been lost lately with all the films coming out. I'm not a huge fan of horror, but that's what's mostly coming out these days.

Anywho, veering off the subject. What I wanted to say was that these ideas I have include various characters who act out and give commentary and a voice for said ideas floating around in my head. Lately I find myself writing a lot about marriage and even though I have never been married and it's something I aspire to, I can't be but amazed at al…