Sci-Fi Adventure Romances

This is nothing really new I suppose. It's just something my conscious brain finally caught up with I guess, hehe.

I love me some sci-fi ir [multicultural] romances with adventure. I'm still making my way through the whole Starhunter series (definitely the cure for my recent BSG blues) and I'm noticing how I miss and want to see more of this type of show. Firefly was like this, BSG was going in the direction of this before they dropped the ball, and even Eureka is sort of like this (not so much space advenure but the sci-fi romance is there).

I wonder if there are any books that have this space opera feel with adventure romance and a cool couple I can get behind. Space Pirates is the closest thing I've come to this and I'm still trying to figure out what format to present that in. Narrative is easiest, but people like to view things in the visual form. Graphic novels would be nice, but I like the movement of my characters in their environment. Animation would be best, but there's the time constraints in making the production. I may have to go with a mixture of the two like I did with the Cimmerian City Universe video.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Whenever tv gets daring or really interesting, it gets cancelled before it even builds a solid viewership. Corporate suits at the networks must have ants in their pants because they usually don't give a show a chance. I'm surprised Heroes has lasted this long, but I guess the large viewer base can't be ignored. That cast is awesome, btw.

There are so many shows I would love to continue onto movie form. They aren't remakes so the suits won't mess up pre-existing characters and situations and they have enough viewers who want to know what happens in the next chapter. Case in point, besides the previously mentioned, there's also Surface, Invasion, Threshold. Someone mentioned how that's the basic lot of the sci-fi fan. Sometimes we don't get the whole story.

And don't even bother to look to Sci-Fi Channel, and, seemingly Space Channel in Canada for anything totally new (unless you want the shows you used to watch in the good old days of sci-fi).

Some fans are taking the genre within their own hands making fanvids and original vidcasts, like the group making Venus Rises. The cool thing is filmmaking has become very accessible to more than just the multi-billion dollar movie studios. Thank goodness for that. We need more blood and diverse minds telling different types of stories out there.

I think this is a perfect time for me to start bringing my favorite genre(s) into my creative work on the page and in videos. After all, new characters have such interesting stories to tell.


AJ Cove said...

I don't know too much right now about sci-fi shows on TV, but I know what you mean by wishing the books were more animated, or more easily animated.

Every time I think of a scene for my book, I see it in my mind and think, "How do you describe that?"

Rae Lori said...

Sadly tv shows are going downhill and even the ones that are good aren't given much of a chance if the ratings don't impress the investors.

It's up to us the literary writers to bring good stories to the people and it's something we love doing anyway. :-)