Party of...none?

Okay I was going to record my last dream I had here, even though it wasn't a straight beginning, middle, end dream but I got distracted and I completely forgot. So I'll hold off for the interpretation later. Right now I'm jamming to Project Vibe Radio. The music is bumpin and it's like midnight lol. I never tried out internet radio before, but I think it's a permanent fixture on my surfing page about now.

Anywho, I wanted to take a moment and talk about men. Or moreso, men and myself. I'm extremely picky about what I'm looking for in a dude. Possibly to the point that the dude I would love to be with doesn't exist in real life. Naturally I don't like guys who have big egos, think women are objects to own, trade and barter with and especially guys who only have one track minds regarding women and partying. Actually, I'm more akin to go for the nerd and the type of guy who is introverted and solitary like myself. In essence, I want a guy who has a beautiful spirit and kindness.

Now what's funny is in Anneli Rufus' Party of One, she says loners are the most difficult partners to meet. Which is kind of sad because I'd love to connect with someone like me. Pref quirkyalone, solitary introvert.

Oh, the irony...


Mispoetic said...

G'day Rae,

Just came from your website to here and must say i am in awe of your talent and see a great future in the arts! So happy that you followed your dream so young, you already have a head start on some of us more older writers! lol Good on ya! As for the guys...well mate I think it's okay to be fussy about the person you may wind up spending the rest of your life with? You are young and gifted, take your time and enjoy this wonderful gift that God has blessed you what I have seen so far and wish you bigger and better succss in '07, especially with your new book!

Deb Stevens
Scent of Freesia
Mispoetic's Place

Rae Lori said...

Thank you for your wonderful encouraging words! I really appreciate them. :-)

I guess it is okay to be picky if we're talking about a lifetime commitment! Your post made my week! Thank you again. :-)