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Party of...none?

Okay I was going to record my last dream I had here, even though it wasn't a straight beginning, middle, end dream but I got distracted and I completely forgot. So I'll hold off for the interpretation later. Right now I'm jamming to Project Vibe Radio. The music is bumpin and it's like midnight lol. I never tried out internet radio before, but I think it's a permanent fixture on my surfing page about now.

Anywho, I wanted to take a moment and talk about men. Or moreso, men and myself. I'm extremely picky about what I'm looking for in a dude. Possibly to the point that the dude I would love to be with doesn't exist in real life. Naturally I don't like guys who have big egos, think women are objects to own, trade and barter with and especially guys who only have one track minds regarding women and partying. Actually, I'm more akin to go for the nerd and the type of guy who is introverted and solitary like myself. In essence, I want a guy who has a …

Sci-Fi Adventure Romances

This is nothing really new I suppose. It's just something my conscious brain finally caught up with I guess, hehe.

I love me some sci-fi ir [multicultural] romances with adventure. I'm still making my way through the whole Starhunter series (definitely the cure for my recent BSG blues) and I'm noticing how I miss and want to see more of this type of show. Firefly was like this, BSG was going in the direction of this before they dropped the ball, and even Eureka is sort of like this (not so much space advenure but the sci-fi romance is there).

I wonder if there are any books that have this space opera feel with adventure romance and a cool couple I can get behind. Space Pirates is the closest thing I've come to this and I'm still trying to figure out what format to present that in. Narrative is easiest, but people like to view things in the visual form. Graphic novels would be nice, but I like the movement of my characters in their environment. Animation would be best…

In the Right Mood

I always wonder how other people's brains think. I can only know the inner workings and crazy ramblings of my own and I think it'd be fun to brain hop one day and see how other brains work. For instance when I write, I have to be in the right mood that fits what I'm writing. To give an example...

When I write Cimmerian City, or any variant in the series, I usually have to put on Blade Runner, Blade I or II, the Underworld series or Resident Evil Apocalypse because it's a dystopic science fiction suspense thriller (with possible bits of horror thrown in).

Right now I'm about to go over my Alloria story, so I tossed on First Knight. Sometimes I watch Dune or the Lord of the Rings.

Even soundtracks help get me in the mood because I can write certain scenes that play like movies in my head. The Eye of Alloria's entire story can be told with Loreena McKennitt's Book of Secrets album down to the last scene with Dante's Prayer playing in the background.

I have a c…