Cinematic Dreams

A long time ago...a loooooooong time ago now, I wrote about how my dreams can become like movies. Well, for the past two days I've been having these really crazy cinematic dreams that play out like I'm really living them. They jar me so much when I wake up, that I have to sort of readjust my mind and remember what world I'm experiencing! So weird. This past one I can't really remember much of, or else I'd do some dream symbol research (for fun's sake) to see what my subconscious is pondering without me knowing...Hmm.

Anyway, I should start writing in my journal again (my print journal ;-)) to see if there's a sort of pattern developing. Who knows, maybe a story can come of it!

In other news, my mom got this fabulous new catalog from Gold Coast Africa and there are some beautiful things in there! Being a fantasy fan I noticed right away all of the Af-Am fantasy themes in there. I circled a porcelain Fairy doll, a knight and I was thinking of getting a mermaid also. This got me thinking how awesome it is in this day and age to have an variety of cultures within different themes. Fantasy is traditionally of a Eurocentric nature which started my drive in writing different cultures in the fantasy genre. Ursula K. Le Guin tends to write like this as well and she's one of many authors on my 'To Read' list.

I hope to continue to see more diversity in the speculative genre in literary format as well as the big screen.


Yvette Lynn said...

Hi Rae,
Please be sure to post what you find out about your dreams. I'd be greatly interested in knowing too. Um, how about a peek into your mind? Any of those vivid dreams you care to share? :)

Rae Lori said...

Hehe I'll have to do that.

Agh, I so should write them down because I keep forgetting and then I end up forgetting the dream! lol.

I'll try and think back though hehe.