Back in business

Hey folks! It's been ages since I posted and now it's time for some updates.

They say life is what happens when you're planning. No truer words were spoken because life has been a whirlwind in the past few weeks!!

Ever since I was in art school I kept telling my instructors that I wanted to do cover art for books and I wanted to produce and make movies, etc. Never did I realize that it'd be happening to me when I least expected it and when I was sitting, planning and dreaming.

Now I have a science fiction book coming out that I started as a daydreamer in high school, I'm apart of an amazing publishing company Amira Press promoting the type of books that I love to lose myself in and I recently made an animated 3d film that is based on a scene I left out in my upcoming book! I'm still trying to get my head around it all because part of me is still sitting with my head in the clouds thinking of where Amira Press is going, the kinds of promotional opportunities for publishers and authors to get their work seen, and so many possibilities that I just want to dive in now!

It truly is a dream come true and a blessing for all of this to be happening.