The World of Comic Books

Well, I'm slowly getting back into the comic book world. One of the good things about taking a break from school is I can finally catch up on my reading! Even though I've read Elektra, Vampirella, Tomb Raider, Witchblade, Darkness, etc in the past, lately I've been more enthralled with reading webcomics from some fellow writer friends of mine: Fireblast, Wapsi Square and Gun Street Girl Comics. Once I get some more time I'm going to look at some other online comics and see what other goodies I can find. I always lament about the fact that there's no good science fiction stories around, but I'm finding more and more you have to go looking beyond what you see on the surface in the mainstream today to usually find the good stuff.

On my 'to get' list:

Wapsi Square 2001-2004
Half Dead the graphic novel
The Boondocks graphic novel collection
Joss Whedon's Fray
Danger Girl - The Ultimate collection
Gen 13 graphic novels

Down time


It's 3 a.m. and I should be sleeping. But it's time to take a breather here. Moving can take a lot out of a person...even if it's just moving on the web! It literally took the whole weekend to update my site, add, delete, then re-add this blog when it wasn't working with my site server. It's strange how things finally hit you even though people have been saying it all your life. Now, as I get older (almost 30 now!) I'm beginning to see there isn't time enough in the day to get everything done that you need to get done. Pacing yourself and 'to-do' lists work well.

Now, another week is coming upon us and I'm about ready to get back to the writing work after a strange 'block break' from the job. Yep, writer's block. Yecch. I do find that the best thing to do when having block is to surf. Not necessarily water surfing (unless you're into that sort of thing and it helps you, I miss the beach) but surfing online. Typing in "writer's block' in the [yahoo] search engine alone sends me to Lisa Cohen's site 'The Writer's Block: 2002". An awesome site that not only describes what exactly writer's block is, but also what you can do when you have it and what not to do. Every writer should check this site out and bookmark it for future reference.

Coincidentally, searching 'writer's block' just now brought up an article in the The Olympian about the upcoming 3 Day novel contest. There's prizes, of course, but the way I see it, it's just like the NaNoWriMo challenge: you have the passion and you have the drive to start a piece of work and at least you get something written down...even if you don't place in the contest. I think that's worth entering. The community and shared experience with your fellow writers during the contest is also worth it.