A New Home

Welcome to the first post of my blog here. Go ahead and bookmark the site for future ref. I'll be updating you on my book news as well as other projects and thoughts I may have.

First news of the day - July 2007 is the release date for Cimmerian City.

Second news of the day - The book is currently in the cover phase where we're getting an idea for what the cover will look like. This is rather exciting considering I've been planning this phase since last year. :-) I can't wait to help formulate the idea for the cover that I hope will be awesomely eye catching.

Third news of the day - Currently writing Cimmerian World, the next in the series. On page 70.

I'm also working on the Space Pirates comic book, illustrations for my novella entitled 'The Eye of Alloria' as well as some other writings (including an untitled horror suspense story). Lots to do indeed.