Beauty in Pictures

There's something that always fascinated me about skies and nature in general. I sometimes see my eyes as the camera that films the world. I see small snapshots of something that can be so amazing to me. It's so easy in these busy times of ours to forget the little moments of beauty around us. So, I thought I would share my love of photography with my readers and viewers.

Check out some more pics I took at my online photog album here: Enjoy!

A New Home

Welcome to the first post of my blog here. Go ahead and bookmark the site for future ref. I'll be updating you on my book news as well as other projects and thoughts I may have.

First news of the day - July 2007 is the release date for Cimmerian City.

Second news of the day - The book is currently in the cover phase where we're getting an idea for what the cover will look like. This is rather exciting considering I've been planning this phase since last year. :-) I can't wait to help formulate the idea for the cover that I hope will be awesomely eye catching.

Third news of the day - Currently writing Cimmerian World, the next in the series. On page 70.

I'm also working on the Space Pirates comic book, illustrations for my novella entitled 'The Eye of Alloria' as well as some other writings (including an untitled horror suspense story). Lots to do indeed.

My Books

Cimmerian City
Release Date: October 10, 2007

Raven Blackheart is a former college student who dies but awakens in a future where corporations rule the world and nobody is quite who they seem. Half human and half the vampire-like species of Dracins, Raven is trained under the guise of Vice President Tyler Deamond. But when deaths start occurring and a mysterious figure emerges from her past, Raven struggles to find her place in a future where the truth is always hidden and trust is the difference between life and death.

Available in E-Book & Print

The Eve of Alloria
Release Date: March 15, 2007
Novella, 108 pages

Myth, legend and the future meet when tragedy strikes as King Saron Bravewind's daughter falls into an incurable illness. Saron mans a flight into space with a faith in finding a higher life to help him find a cure. What he finds will change the fate of the future mankind and shake the very foundations of his marriage once he finds out Humans are definitely not alone in the universe. An Illustrated romantic science fantasy novella.

Available in E-Book & Print:

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 14, 2007
eStory, 51 pages

Angela is a newly published author at a book signing party celebrating the launch of her premiere book. She has been in bad relationships before and is skeptical about entering another. Paul is the publicist for her publishing company. His marriage is on the rocks, but he is a faithful man, continuing to respect the institution despite his wife's infidelities. The attraction is apparent between the two, but before the night is over, both will learn a little bit more about race, the boundaries of love and human nature.

Available in eBook

Twist of Fate: Paranormal, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Anthology
The Real Miranda by Rae Lindley
Release Date: November 7, 2007

Murder, mayhem, and the macabre wind through a series of tales launching readers from the most sinister of minds to the vast reaches of outer space.

All David Wright wanted was peace and quiet and a place to work on his new novel. He gets what he wants until he witnesses the murder of a woman in the hotel room next door. The next day he sees the same woman walking around the hotel complex. Was it a hallucination or something more twisted beyond his imagination?

Available in E-Book

Weirdly: A Collection of Strange Stories
A Day in the Life of Simplicity by Rae Lindley
Release Date: September 18, 2007

From sci-fi to paranormal to weird, from chilling to odd to scary, Weirdly will sate your lust for strangeness in bite-sized pieces. Each tale weaves its own spell. Vampires, beasts, ghosts, evil creatures and, of course, every day people inhabit Weirdly's pages.

A police officer lives in a future where pregnancies are regulated, multiple partners are encouraged, marriage and commitment are dead and the media dictates the way humans live. Once she learns of her pregnancy from a former love, she is on the run for her life to turn back the clock for human individuality.

Available in E-Book